Behind The Scenes

Many people do not see behind the scenes of what we do at the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre. The Centre is the public face but behind the scenes we rescue a variety of birds, some are injured in accidents, others are simply unwanted and others suffer from poor care. All of them need to be cared for and given a home.

We would like to share the very recent story of the close call of a European Eagle Owl who was kept in the hands of inexperienced keepers.

Ollie, as he is known, was obviously not in good health but no one was able to go in and catch Ollie up and treat him or determine the cause of his poor health.

Ollie still had leather anklets on his legs, which birds in captivity often wear, and our biggest concern was that they had grown dangerously tight.

We responded to the call to go and assess Ollie and after gathering him up

we found that the anklets on his legs were so tight that his leg tissue had started growing around them.

We seized Ollie and brought him back to the Centre where the anklets were carefully removed. Ollie will receive further treatment for his injuries and be closely monitored until he has returned to full health.

Once Ollie is back in perfect condition he will be given a forever home at the Centre, if you keep an eye out too he may even appear in our fantastic displays!

anklets removed 2
anklets removed
European Eagle Owl
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