Here at the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre we do not believe in breeding for commercial purposes.

So many centres breed birds or animals and sell them to people that may or may not know what their needs are.  Many of these people buy on a whim, not always knowing what they are getting themselves into – and are often not capable of caring for that bird/animal long term as a result.

Harry Potter is responsible for a lucrative market in owls, thanks to Hedwig – his Snowy Owl.  But once people realise what is involved in caring for an owl a lot will either let them go, in which case the bird is likely to die as it has not been parent reared in the wild and therefore doesn’t know how to hunt, or they hand them in to centres such as ours.  No different to the many dogs, cats, rabbits etc. that find themselves in RSPCA or similar rescue centres each day.

Most of the birds and animals here at the centre have not had a great start in life and the last thing we want to do is add to the numbers mistreated by irresponsible breeding.

We hope that all the birds and animals we have will live out their days here, content, safe and well cared for.