We at The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre are a family partnership of four people, Kelly, Andy, Kath and Mick.

Mick, Kath and daughter Kelly Browne moved from Orpington, Kent to Bideford, Devon in 1999 where Kelly met her now husband falconer Andy Grigg. Andy comes from Buckfastleigh, Devon and has been passionate about birds from a very young age, owning his first bird at the age of 12. Andy has worked at parks across the country, The National Shire Horse Centre, Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park and Woodside Falconry and Conservation Centre to name a few, until he and Kelly started their own business Passage School of Falconry.

In the Summer of 2006 when we saw that The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre was for sale we thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for all of us and we completed the purchase in January 2007. Since then We have done a lot of upgrading, added a play area, created a waterfowl lake and brought to the centre 20 more birds.

Kelly and Andy have since had three daughters, Brooke born in 2008, Taylor born in 2010 and Sydney born in 2012.

Our aim here at the centre is to give those that wish to learn more about these magnificent and beautiful creatures the opportunity to do so in a relaxed and fun environment.


Our Mission Statement: To provide a permanent caring home for each and every bird or animal either here now or rescued/ brought in to us in the future. To not add to the numbers unwanted and/or neglected by breeding to sell. To aim, through education, to highlight the needs of birds and animals bought as pets.

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