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A Brief Overview of us here at the Birds of Prey

“We are a family run Community Interest Company based in rural St Columb, Cornwall. The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre rehomes and rehabilitates injured and unwanted Birds of Prey/Raptors – providing them with a forever home. Enjoy getting up close and personal with our stunning collection of falcons, eagles, hawks, owls, parrots and much more. Meet and talk to our skilled handlers, whilst enjoying one of our breath taking flying displays, and discover what makes our birds of prey ‘masters of the sky’ – a great day out for all ages”

Wildlife is an important part of ecological community as wildlife play an important role in the environment.

Everyone must play a part in protecting the natural Habitat for wildlife around the world.

With only Earth available for the best survival and progress of mankind, preservation of a healthy environment is not just a fair deal, it is imperative too. Mankind holds the power to save environment by being a hero to generate better results for everyone.

Wildlife is an important part of ecological community as wildlife play an important role in the environment.

Everyone must play a part in protecting the natural Habitat for wildlife around the world.

some facts about us

Here is some of the work we do

Within the last 12 month we have rehomed, cared for and rehabilitated a number of animals and birds.


Wild Birds Rescued


Birds/Animals Needing a Forever home here with us at the Centre


Animals cared for by us

Our Campaigns

At the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre, we are passionate about providing a caring home for mistreated, unwanted, injured and neglected birds of prey whether from private owners or from the wild. Many commercial centres breed and sell birds for profit to fund their organisation. This goes entirely against our ethos and only assists in creating a bigger problem. In recent years the influence of movies, media and financially lucrative markets has increased the number of unwanted birds. Our funding comes entirely from our generous visitors, sponsors and donors whose ticket purchases and contributions help us to keep the centre running all year round. We provide a permanent, caring safe haven for each and every bird or animal currently in our care now and in the future. Our aim, and the purpose of the centre is to educate our visitors, allow them to learn more about our magnificent and beautiful birds and provide a relaxed, informed and fun environment. Our hope is that this knowledge will prevent people impulsively buying birds of prey as pets and to enable them to understand the commitment that owning a bird of prey requires. We invite you to come and support the centre and the work we do, experience our fantastic flying displays, and learn more about these amazing animals.


The centre is run with a very small team, everything we do is done by self funding and we do not get any money for the work we do.It is therefore so important for us to have donations from the public either by way of our amazon wish list or in monetary value for us to continue to build new enclosures and support the wildlife already at our centre or the new ones to come over the years.

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our Mission

Our mission Statement

To provide a permanent caring home for each and every bird or animal either here now or rescued/brought in to us in the future. To not add to the numbers unwanted and/or neglected by breeding to sell. To aim, through education, to highlight the needs of birds and animals bought as pets.


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Kids sure were funny trying to dismantle the aviaries today. You hear Syd our youngest saying to Andy "do u want me to knock down the aviary with you in it" 😂 😂 ...

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Woodwork in the gents toilets all undercoated today. God I hate door frames and skirting boards 🤣. ...

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Yesterdays home schooling lesson was how to paint doors 😂. They done a fab job 😍 ...

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4 days ago

The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre CIC

What a lovely evening last night. Roche Brass Band performed and then Taylor our middle daughter performed with the juniors up on stage. 😍 ...

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Cuddles our pony loves Diesel our English Pointer 😍 ...

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